Sherman County Rural Fire Department

Fire/Rescue services in Sherman County are provided by Sherman County Rural Fire Protection District #1. The department which was organized in 1968, is governed by a Fire Board consisting of five members that are appointed by the Sherman County Commission.

The department is supported by approximately 54 paid per-call Firefighters with one fulltime Fire Chief located at Goodland Fire Station #2. Brewster Fire Station #1 and Kanorado Fire Station #3 are managed by a paid per-call Fire Chiefs. The department averages 300 fire/rescue calls a year with a protection area of approximately 1,000 square miles and a population of 5,917 people. The department also takes care of multiple travelers along I-70, Hwy 24, and Hwy 27. 

Each firefighter earns $26.00 for every call they respond to and every training they attend. If a call or training lasts more than three hours, each member then earns $10.00 an hour for each hour worked. Each member is protected with life insurance and disability through the Kansas State Firefighters Relief Program. Each member can also earn a pension/retirement after 20 years of service. 

Sherman County Rural Fire Protection District #1 is operated by three fire stations:

·        Brewster Fire Station #1 (Eastern Region) located at 225 Manchester Rd. Brewster, KS 67732

·        Goodland Fire Station #2 (Central Region) located at 1006 Center Ave. Goodland, KS 67735 

·        Kanorado Fire Station #3 (Western Region) located at 304 Main Street Kanorado, KS 67741

The three station protection areas are shown in the map below.  Although each region has a primary station that dispatch will contact first in the event of a fire or emergency, other stations may also be contacted to assist or provide mutual aid if the fire/emergency requires it. 

Goodland Fire Station #2 is home to the Kansas State Fire Marshal Task Force 7 Group. This group is tasked with assisting all technical rescue related emergencies in an 18-county region in Northwest Kansas. The group is trained in confined space, structural collapse, trench rescue, along with high and low angle rope rescue operations.

Goodland Fire Station #2 also houses the Western Region Training Program Coordinator with the Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute. This position brings valuable training resources to the Western Region of Kansas.

Each station’s ISO (Insurance Services Office) Public Protection Classification is listed below:

·        Kanorado Fire Station #3 has an ISO classification of a 6

·        Goodland Fire Station #2 has an ISO classification of a 3

·        Brewster Fire Station #1 has an ISO classification of a 7

For more information regarding the three stations, please select one of the stations listed in the left margin.

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