Sherman County Rural Fire District #1 Goodland Station #2 is located at 1006 Center Ave. in Goodland KS. Goodland’s main response district is between Sherman County Road 10 to Sherman County Road 29. Typically, Goodland will automatically respond to Kanorado and Brewster’s districts to assist.

Goodland Station #2 averages 200 calls a year and has an ISO rating of 3. The Goodland station can have up to 45 members but currently only have 30 members at this time.  There is one full time Fire Chief with the remaining fire personnel being paid-per-call/volunteers. Each member is currently paid $26.00 for the first three hours. After three hours, each member is then paid $10.00 an hour.

Goodland’s members have trainings on the first and third Tuesday evenings of each month. Each member is also reimbursed $26.00 for each training they attend.  

Each member is required to go through a six-month fire academy shortly after joining the department. At the end of the academy, each member is tested on skills through hands on testing, and a written test to check their cognitive thinking. If a member passes their tests, they are then IFSAC certified (International Fire Service Accreditation Congress) as a Firefighter 1, Hazmat Awareness and Hazmat Operations level. 99% of Goodland members are Nationally certified.

Each month, each member is assigned to either a City or Rural Battalion. At the beginning of each month, the members then switch battalions. Doing this helps to make sure there is coverage both in the City limits of Goodland and in the Rural Fire District area of Sherman County.

Goodland’s station houses the Kansas Task Force 7 Response Team which is tasked with doing technical rescue operations in the Region 1/Northwest Kanas area which has 18 counties. Task Force 7 members are members from the Goodland station. Task Force 7 members train once a month on rope rescue, confined space rescue, low and high angle rescue, and structural collapse.

Some Goodland station members are Red Card certified through the Kansas Forestry Service. Members who become Red Card certified are then allowed to go on State and National wildfire deployments. Each deployment it typically two weeks long. Currently Goodland’s station has one certified Engine Boss.



Goodland’s station houses 14 pieces of apparatus:

  • Rural Engine 22 2006 Rosenbauer/Sterling Class A Engine
  • Rural Engine 66 2006 S&S/Freightliner Class A Type 3 Engine
  • Rural Engine 11 1993 International Brush Engine
  • Rural Brush 5 1991 5-ton 6×6 Military Brush Engine
  • Rural Brush 3 2008 Ford F-550 Type 6 Quick Attack Engine
  • Rural Water Tender 1 2002 Western-Star carries 3,500 Gallons of Water
  • Rural Special Operations/Task Force 7 Unit 1999 GMC C6500 Heavy Rescue
  • Rural Rescue/Squad 1 2009 Chevrolet Kodiak/Wynn Medium Rescue
  • Rural Support 1 2015 Ford F-250 Crew Cab Support Unit/Assistant Chief Vehicle
  • City Ladder 1 1996 HME/AI 75’ Quint
  • City Engine 1 2007 E-One Typhoon Custom Class A Engine
  • City Engine 2 1999 GMC C7500/Smeal Class A Engine
  • City/Rural Hazmat/Spill Unit 1 1988 GMC Crew Cab Response Unit
  • Fire Chief Response Unit 2020 Ford Expedition

There is also an airport fire house located at the Goodland Regional Airport. This station has one unit:

  • 2000 E-One Aircraft Rescue/Crash Engine