Northwest Kansas Ambulance Service is hosting an EMT Certification Course, beginning this October. This is a 6.5 month course that will help train and educate you in obtaining your Emergency Medical Technician certification. Upon completing the course, you will take a hands-on practical test, followed by the NREMT National Exam. This exam can be taken locally at Northwest Tech, here in Goodland. After completing both exams, you will be a Nationally Certified EMT, also licensed in the State of Kansas as well.

The Kansas Board of EMS does offer grants for EMS courses, upon application approval. This Education Incentive Grant (EIG) Program does have requirements. If you apply and are accepted for the EIG grant, you will need to sign on with an EMS service in Kansas. You will have to work a minimum of 20 hours per month, for 12 consecutive months. Should you be unsuccessful in obtaining your certification or in meeting your required hours, you will have to pay this grant back.

If you want to do something truly meaningful, becoming an EMT is the right choice for you. Being part of EMS is such a rewarding, fulfilling, and action-packed job. You get to step up and help your community when an emergency arises. EMS can be a full-time or part-time career. Every single day you help people as an EMT. You change lives on a daily basis. And often, you even save them. Whether you bandage up someone after a car accident or help someone with a diabetic emergency, you’re in the center of people’s life-changing moments. Your presence, skills, and knowledge directly bring positive change.

Becoming an EMT isn’t the end of the line in your emergency medical services career. Quite the opposite actually. Once you’re an EMT Basic, you can get further training to become an AEMT (Advanced EMT), or a Paramedic. The skills you learn and practice as an EMT are extremely useful. Quick response time, patient care, and proper bedside manner are all crucial in every type of healthcare. That’s why learning to become an EMT is a great way to start a variety of careers.

EMTs are in high demand across the country. That creates job security. A lot of EMTs choose this line of work because it’s a stable and steady job. And job security is always a great benefit. After your basic EMT training, you’re off to try your new skills in the world. However, your education is far from over. You learn more with every shift, every extra course, and every ongoing training. The learning opportunities are endless. There’s also a lot of flexibility when it comes to working as an EMT. If you’d like more shifts, you can be full-time. However, if you need to study or have childcare duties, working part-time in the emergency medical services is a great option to practice skills and earn a little extra money.

Better yet, there are shifts available at every time of the day. Whether you want to work during the day or you prefer to work the night shift, you have the option to make your own schedule.

It is physically and emotionally challenging work, but nowhere else will you have the same privileges and responsibilities of meeting people where they are and being able to tangibly help. You never know what the day is going to look like, and you meet extraordinary people.

Fill out the application below to sign up for more information on becoming an EMT and a part of EMS.

Must be 18 years of age by the end of class to test. Applicants must hold a valid driver’s license as well.